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Posted by Henry S. on 05/08/16 9:26

Ping Limitation on Warface !

What is Ping Limitation?

Ping Limitation is a way of restricting access to the Warface West Game servers when network latency is too high. A Ping Test is done by sending out a Echo Request and waiting for the Echo Reply. One value you get form a Ping test is the round-trip time.

Warface uses TCP to transmit Data Packets between Server an Client. TCP is a connection orientated transport protocol.

On a TCP connection the sender maintains a timer from when the packet was sent, and re-transmits a packet if the timer expires before the message has been acknowledged.

Ping Limitation on Warface:

If this timer exceeds a defined limit, the connection will get dropped.
The Ping limit values vary by game mode and realm, and will be closely monitored by the Warface Producer and team.

What happens if your Ping is beyond the set value:

If the timer value exceeds the Ping limitation value, the client automatically get kicked from the game room.


We might adjust these values in the future to ensure that everyone has the best Warface experience possible.


Important: Customer Support can NOT change these Ping limit values! If you have any concerns regarding the ping limitations, please don't hesitate to address them in the forum.


Please see the general update information on here