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Posted by Henry S. on 18/07/16 16:18

Warface - "kicked for suspected cheating"

Since the introduction of EasyAntiCheat some players have been "Kicked for suspected cheating".

Warface and EasyAntiCheat require both a constant connection between the client and their dedicated server.
If the communication flow is being delayed or interrupted, the server will initiate a disconnect of this client.

What can harm the communication flow?
- general network issues, latency network, "WiFi",
- Antivirus scanner, Overlays, apps running in the background,
- outdated device drivers, general PC performance issues (insufficient RAM, insufficient virtual memory, ...)
- applications not white listed for EAC

For further information regarding "Kicked for suspected cheating" please see the linked document here

PLEASE NOTE: EasyAntiCheat works as designed! Crytek can NOT change the behavior of EasyAntiCheat!