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Posted by Henry S. on 29/06/16 10:14

EasyAntiCheat is HERE!

Please read the Official Announcement here

the EasyAntiCheat Installation Guide here

and the Support FAQ here


IMPORTANT - before open a Ticket :

1. To install EasyAntiCheat you need local Administrator rights!

2. Error "wrong login or password" after Launcher install: Please restart your PC !

3. Message "kicked for suspected cheating" : Please see the Support FAQ here

4. Please ensure that TCP ports 80 and 443 are opened on your firewall (broadband router, PC)

5. Please ensure that your antivirus doesn’t block EAC (you can add the EasyAntiCheat.exe application, located in the System32 folder, in your trusted application antivirus list)

6. Please disable the Windows Kernel Driver Test Signing mode, as it is not supported by EAC. To do so, please follow the instruction in this link:

7. Please go to “services” (Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services, or execute the command services.msc) and to change the startup type to “Automatically”)

8. Please disable all overlays and third party tools - which have not yet been white listed (below) - on your computer while playing Warface.

 List of EAC white-listed applications (more to follow):

  • Steam Overlay/FPS counter
  • OBS
  • Overwolf