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[EN_1001] Naming Policy
Posted by on 22/02/17 8:49

Naming Policy


Usernames, nicknames, ‘names’ in general that are permitted for use on GFACE have to be of an appropriate standard i.e. they MUST not be seen as likely to cause offence, actually cause offence or be discriminatory to or against a other or others in anyway whatsoever. Therefore, Crytek has a strict policy regarding this issue and any breaches of policy may result in the renaming of offending characters or temporary/permanent suspension from GFACE and affiliated Crytek services.

The following are some common subject areas where it is very likely that offence would/could be caused and therefore users are asked to not select a ‘name’ with any connection or reference to;

  • any physical disability including blindness, a visual impairment, deafness or hearing impairment, any mental health issue, a learning difficulty or a medical condition
  • racial or ethnic discrimination
  • offensive references towards gender or sexual orientation
  • a sexual act (s) or sexual content in general
  • a vulgar or obscene word (s) or statement (s) of profanity
  • an insulting name, attack, abuse, or harassment towards or against any individual (s) or group (s)
  • extreme acts of violence, terrorism, illegal substances, illegal activities in general and persons past or present who have engaged in such activities
  • religions, religious groups, religious persons, religious names or symbols or variations of these
  • past or present political parties, or individual (s) engaged in political activities regardless of their legality
  • a trademark, brand name, symbol, sign, logo etc or variation of that is the property of an individual, company or an organisation


GFACE username should consist of:

  • min. 4 characters
  • max. 16 characters
  • A...Z
  • a...z
  • 0...9
  • - _ . * [ ] ( )


TL;DR Pick your nickname wisely, so that it does not offend other players within the community.