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[DE_0001] Customer Support Interaction Policy
Posted by Henry S. on 28/04/17 9:52

Customer Support Interaction Policy


When contacting Crytek Customer Support, please ensure that you keep the following policies in mind. We take violations of these policies very seriously, and any behavior that goes against the policies listed below may result in penalties against the violating account.

  1. Defrauding or Attempting to Defraud Customer Support
    If we find that an attempt was made to defraud Customer Support, the offending player may have action taken against them. Attempts to defraud Customer Support include, but are not limited to, misdirecting a Crytek employees attention, withholding information, providing false information, and any attempt to trick Crytek Customer Support.

  2. Disobeying or Ignoring Staff Instructions
    At times it may be necessary for a Crytek employee to instruct a player to perform (or refrain from performing) certain actions. In any event, Crytek staff will be attempting to preserve the enjoyment of the game for the majority of players. Disobeying or ignoring a Crytek employees instructions may result in an account penalty.

  3. Harassing the Customer Support Staff
    Time spent dealing with issues that have already been closed keeps the staff from addressing other players' pressing issues. If a single player or multiple players repeatedly send abusive tickets, or multiple tickets on the same closed issue to the support staff, or otherwise misuses our reporting system, they will be asked to stop, and if they continue, may receive an account penalty.

  4. Excessive use of Abusive Language
    It is understandable that a player contacting Customer Support might be upset over an issue they experienced in the game. However, the use of abusive or foul language directed toward the support staff is inappropriate and unproductive. If a player uses this type of language when communicating with Customer Support, they will be asked to stop. If they continue, they may receive an account penalty.

Violating any area of the Terms of Service (ToS), including the areas detailed above, will often result in temporary suspension from the game. You can review our ToS here.