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[EN_0006] FAQ - Crytek Games on Steam, DLCs
Posted by Henry S. on 22/02/17 10:57

FAQ - Crytek Games on Steam, DLCs


Questions regarding purchases over Steam

Q: I have a question regarding the payment of my purchase of a Crytek product:

A: If you have any issue with a purchase of a Crytek game made on Steam, please contact Steam Customer Support.


Technical issue when playing a Crytek game bought on Steam:

Q: Who can I contact if I encounter any technical Issues regarding Crytek products?

A: Please refer to the Crytek Troubleshooter.


Refunds of Crytek Games or DLC bought on Steam

Q: Where can I request a refund of a Crytek game or DLC I bought on Steam?

A: Please note that refunds for items bought on Steam are handled by Steam. DLC content can not be refunded at all. For all related questions, please contact Steam Customer Support.


DLC bought on Steam are not in Warface

Q: I have bought some DLCs on Steam. Why are they not in Warface?

A: First confirm with Steam Customer Support that your purchase has been completed. Then check if you have bound the the correct Steam Account to your Warface account. You only can bind one Steam account to an GFACE/Warface account!


Problems with Warface Kredits bought on Steam

Q: Who can I contact regarding issues with Warface Kredits I bought on Steam?

A: If you are encountering any issues while purchasing Warface Kredits , please contact our billing support.


Binding an STEAM account to Warface

Q: How to bind a STEAM account to Warface?

A: Install the STEAM - Warface Launcher. When you start the STEAM-Warface Launcher, a pop-up window will ask you to bind your STEAM account to your GFACE (Warface) account.


Unbinding a STEAM account

Q: How can I unbind a Steam account?

A: Unfortunately we are NOT unbinding a STEAM account. There is no exception to this!