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[EN_1003] HowTo - Change nickname / username
Posted by Henry S. on 21/02/17 15:13

HowTo - Change nickname / username


Changing the nickname / username

Q: How can I change my nickname / username?

A: In order to change your nickname, you need to login to GFACE. In the section "Account"(1) go into the subsection "My Account"(2), there in the field "Username", click on the “Edit”(3) button.


You can now change your username(4). To finalize the change, entered your password(5) in the required field and click on save(6).


Q: How many times can I change my username ?

A: As often as you want.


Q: Is the username free of charge?

A: Only the first change is free. Subsequent changes will cost Kredits.