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[EN_3015] Message: "You were kicked for suspected cheating"
Posted by Henry S. on 01/07/16 16:44


The message "You were kicked for suspected cheating" is an automatically displayed message after your client has been disconnected from the warface server.



  1. FairFight and/or EasyAntiCheat have detected the usage of illegal third party software (i.e. Hacks/Cheats)
  2. Technical reasons. The information send by the warface client to the warface server are unexpected, not valid or timed out.
    It could be that due to network disconnection, lagging or latency, the server can't account for your movements. Corrupted system files within your Warface client installation also might cause a disconnect.



  • FairFight Ban: Your account has been banned after an investigation which has shown that the account has been used with a third party program on Warface.
    Important: Every by FairFight suggested ban of a user account is being checked manually before finally executed!

  • EasyAntiCheat
  • Technical problems:
    • Corrupted Warface system files on your client installation:
      • Close Warface (game and launcher)
      • Delete the folder "game" and all its content within your Warface-Launcher installation folder
      • Start the Warface launcher and click "Update" to download the new files from the server
      • Start Warface

    • Network issues: Connection lost, Latency
      • Check your Internet connection / ISP
      • Check on the internet for any actual issues with your ISP
      • Check your PC connection to the internet (cable, WLAN, DSL router, etc)
      • Applications running in the background (ie. Anti Virus) can cause latency. Try to deactivate as many of these applications as possible!